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Dear Hannelore,

we just came back from our holiday. Turawa is a fantastic place and so are your employees. we really had a good time there and would gladly wish to stay there during our next holiday. the garden looks fabulous and the house is indeed very beautiful. was nice seeing the tortoise though one died while we were there. our son really had a good time playing with the cats and also playing in the compound. we loved the big kitchen and the dining room. we invited some friends for dinner and it was just lovely. the place has been well kept and the workers are doing a good job.
we rung the alarm by mistake and the security people we very fast to respond. maybe you should instruct your employees to be showing the guests where the alarms are situated in the house to prevent this from happening again. our apoligies. we did give 500kshs to paskal to cater for the cost of the false alarm.
ps: it was good to know that the security was actually guaranteed and that help is available very quickly if needed!
Turawa was indeed home away from home. it was a wonderful experience. i will send you photos in due course.
thanks for giving us the chance to stay in your lovely kenyan home.

kind regards - mirriam and family, Mirriam Kang`ethu

Dear Hannelore,

I am back home in Montreal...You heard of my situation and change of plans. First of all, I want to let you know I really enjoyed the week at Turawa. Pascal and everyone else on the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I was able to get a good feel of the area and maybe I will have another opportunity to return at a later date.

Thank you for your hospitality and warmest regards Pierre


We were pleased with the house! It had space, big garden, everything was nice and clean and we felt safe all through our stay! We'd especially like to thank your night guards for that. We also enjoyed sitting outside in the evenings watching the sun go down. It was very peaceful! Thank you for providing for us a successful holiday! I'd also like to thank you for answering all of my dozen questions before we arrived in the house! :) We will surely return to Kenya one day!

Thank you once again, Mia and Bengt

We had an extremely pleasant stay at Turawa and we believe that you have there, a perfect team that is absolutely loyal toward his "Mama Hannah" that they love and respect. And that they are all six agreed. There are no complaints from our side and no improvements are spontaneous responses to anything that we've all just seen as positive. It's amazing how well everything even in your absence and you can be proud of all your employees! We were a total of only half of the booked time on Turawa present, and if we each came back, we were very warmly welcomed and embraced, so we always had the feeling to come home. From Hamisi to Jeremiah, you have very reliable, likeable and competent staff that you can be proud of! We will probably stay in touch with them (Hamisi) and hope otherwise, sometimes come back after Turawa back.

Kwa heri, lala salama and best wishes to Frankfurt and Kenya by Cornelia and Manuel S.

Dear Hannelore,

my name is Polina and I am one of the Russian, who have enjoyed on your villa Turawa the last two weeks. I could not help writing to you because I'm congested and fascinated by emotions. I want to thank you very much for your hospitality. I felt so comfortable and so in Turawa home! The garden is beautiful, the team is very nice and helpful. Hamisi me even a safari organized in the local hospital, because I am a doctor and was very curious about medicine in Africa. Kenya I was very impressed and liked it very much. I learned some milling in Kiswahili, as people were very friendly and I like to be helped. Now I'm under stress, because everything in Africa is pole pole, and Moscow all other speed requested by a human :-). I feel I absolutely must return to Kenya again and would be very grateful if I was allowed to stay on the beautiful Turawa.

Thanks again for everything! With kind regards from Moscow, Polina

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