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Diani Beach

The 8 km long, pearly and fine ground sandy beach, about 35 kilometres from Mombasa, is for many the most beautiful beach of East Africa which not only offers ideal swimming but also water sports facilities due to its crystal clear and clean water. The whole area is shielded by an about 450 km long reef that ranges from Malindi in the north to far behind Diani Beach in the south so that the ocean resembles a big lagoon. The reef not only shields from the fierce and rough waves but also from the disagreeable visit of sharks and holds in its coral reef community an unimaginable richness of fishes and plants, a true Dorado for divers and learners.

Diani is also the remainder of an anciently vast coastal forest for which all efforts are undertaken towards its conservation and where - beside numerous other rare game - also the black and white hairy Colobus monkeys live again today.

The tidal range lies between 2 and 3 meters, the water temperature is between 24° and 30° Celsius.

Divers will find everything they wish for incl. Nitrox at the big resorts or the more than 10 individual diving bases.

The diving season lasts from October until April. Beside these activities one can venture for sea-angling, jet skiing, surfing, sailing in a log-boat, bobbing up and down on an Arab dhow or dolphin watching.


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